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Street Smarts

Dizzee Rascal is the best rapper this country's ever produced, period. His words are as sharp as prime Tricky, his delivery sharper; he's got bags more personality than anybody in…

Ok Go

Upbeat debut from Chicago-based four-piece

Waking Life

Richard Linklater takes the po-faced monologues of Slacker up a level with this extraordinary, state-of-the-art, animated dream trip. The endless navel-gazing and philosophising (Are we alive? Are we imagining everything?…

Blacula – BMG

Blaxploitation movies were suddenly so hot in 1972 that it was deemed a smart idea to bash out—as the title may have tipped you off—a black vampire chiller. It wasn't.…


Engrossing parable of how the young Hitler's 'artistic' ideas went askew

Liquid Assets

Second album since the 2000 reunion, and first on Mike Scott's own label

White Mischief

Ice-cold thriller with a downhome feel from the Coen brothers

The Last Supper

Initially promising black comedy, acidly penned by Dan (Dead Man's Curve) Rosen, which follows a group of student types as their campaign for political correctness moves from right-on moaning to…


Faithful adaptation of Stephen King's alien epic

Trembling Before G_d

Documentary about the lives of gay and lesbian orthodox and Hasidic Jews

This Month In Soundtracks

Bret Easton Ellis' second novel was very much of the '80s, but one of the many clever things Roger Avary's done with his pulsing movie adaptation is to catch the…