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New York punk trio surpass media hype with cataclysmic debut

Northern Plights

Compelling Alaskan chiller from Memento director deserves reappraisal

Cool Hand Luke

More brilliantly bilious dispatches from This England

Pearl Jam

Seattle rockers' first and fifth albums reissued at mid-price

Going To California

South London duo head out West to beef up sound for follow-up to The Optimist LP

Bohemian Rap-Sody

How New York's hippie hoppers ushered in the philosophical D.A.I.S.Y. Age. And then pronounced themselves Dead

K – Goldfish

Ex-Beekeeper/Ida songstress' second outing

Heavy Souls

Two discs including tracks from albums one to four and five to eight. Oh, and the best hard rock ever recorded


Legendary creator of arguably the finest psychedelic album ever recorded makes a passionate return

Magical Misery Tour

Ten songs of dark and disturbing genius from Seattle singer-songwriter

Carole King

Early '70s New York singer-songwriter in retrospect

Love Liza

Seymour Hoffman tour de force as grieving loner

Jerry Lee Lewis

The Killer's country comeback years on 28-track twofer