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I’m Going Home

A morbidly slow but ultimately touching vignette from France, starring the legendary Michel Piccolia an ageing actor whose wife and kids are killed in a car crash. He mopes around…

Bugsy Malone

Leaving aside the Paul Williams soundtrack and Jodie Foster's performance (which aren't bad), Alan Parker's 1930s kiddie gangster musical, which dates back to 1976, combines a dozen bad things, including…

The Passage

Re-releases for undeservedly forgotten post-punk Mancunians

A Time For Drunken Horses

Bahman Ghobadi's gruelling account of Kurdish hardships on the Iran/Iraq border has none of the artful self-consciousness of Samira Makhmalbaf's remarkably similar Blackboards. Instead, this powerful story of eldest child…

Cream Passionelle

Second album from French four-piece sets this year's pop gold standard

The Who

Classic albums re-released with many bonus tracks


Ungainly gothic masterpiece marks partial return to classic rock

Singin’ In The Rain—Special Edition

If not, as it's perennially voted, one of the 10 greatest films ever made, 1952's Singin' In The Rain is at the very least the sharpest Hollywood musical bar none.…

Big Girls Don’t Cry

Veteran Louisiana-born country-soulster runs the gamut of musical styles and moods on her daring and dazzling follow-up to 2001's critically lauded Essence

Dancing In The Dark

"Hooligan house" is an inadequate term to describe the scope of this remarkable album from Tom Dinsdale and Simon Franks.

Vampires—Los Muertos

John Carpenter's 1998 Vampires was a triumph of gonzo monster-mashing with James Woods in full kick-ass mode. The sequel replaces Woods with Jon Bon Jovi, which may explain why Carpenter…

The Ages Of Lulu

Bigas Luna's 1990 film deals with, yes, sex, but like most Spanish movies it does so unapologetically and flamboyantly. A teenager is corrupted by her brother's friend: later they marry,…

The Hours

Three female big-hitters go on an Oscar hunt

The Generation Game

Classic youth cult soundtracks to ITV's Sounds Of Underground London series

Reed All About It

Lou's Velvets and solo works hand-picked for posterity with direct input from interested parties

New York punk trio surpass media hype with cataclysmic debut

Northern Plights

Compelling Alaskan chiller from Memento director deserves reappraisal