Twenty-five international cuts of late-'60s underground mod beat

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Various Artists – Le Beat Bespoke

DJ Rob Bailey claims to have scoured the world in search of this selection of groovy modernist floor-fillers, and while some tracks come courtesy of recognisable UK names (Marmalade, Steve Ellis, Don Fardon), most are from little-heard international acts like Knut Kieswetter and Ola & The Janglers. Not every cut lives up to the hype: Les Lionceaux’s French treatment of “Nowhere To Run” has a certain turbo-charged charm, but Los Gatos Negros fall short with a fairly uninspiring Spanish version of John Fred’s “Hey Hey Bunny”.

Casting your net so wide for rarely heard examples of a ‘sound’ is bound to produce a track listing that smacks at times of novelty, but while there is little here to seriously challenge the true classics of the era, this is an enjoyable slice of fun.