Pete Stampfel and Steve Weber's heretic folk-loons going ape in the country

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The Holy Modal Rounders – Good Taste Is Timeless

After the drug-riddled dementia of 1969 cult classic The Moray Eels Eat The Holy Modal Rounders, THMR decamped to Nashville to record 1971’s Good Taste…, aided by Elvis sidemen DJ Fontana and Scotty Moore. Ditching the psychedelic freak-folk for a wild romp in the country, the result swings from ridiculous to touching to crack-brained and back. The finer moments (bastardised trad ditty “Spring Of ’65”; the softly-stacked harmonies of Michael Hurley’s “Love Is The Closest Thing”) sit uneasily with squawking cod-Appalachian hoedowns and Weber’s classic ode to the nork, “Boobs A Lot” (initially recorded by the Fugs on their ’65 debut). An acid-mountain hoot all the same.