Godfathers of psychobilly mark 25 years with ghoulishly good comeback

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The Cramps – Fiends Of Dope Island

Thank God for The Cramps. Though a quarter-century old, singer Erick “Lux Interior” Purkhiser and guitarist Kirsty “Poison Ivy Rorschach” Wallace’s unique musical Molotov cocktail of ’50s rock’n’roll riffs shaken and stirred with comic book imbecility and B-movie vulgarity is as window-rattlingly grand as ever. “Dr Fucker MD” and “Elvis Fucking Christ!” really are as good as their titles deserve, while “Fissure Of Rolando” is as frisky as anything from 1986’s career high, A Date With Elvis. You thought they didn’t make them like this any more? The Cramps just have!