Appetising mini album from swampy Friends Of Franz

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Sons And Daughters – Love The Cup

In the wake of Franz Ferdinand’s deserved success, it seems the A&R battalions have embarked on one of their periodic border raids over to Glasgow. First to gain from this activity are Franz’s regular support act, Sons And Daughters. Those expecting vivacious, Postcard-derived art-pop will be disappointed, however. S&D are a quartet with a gory mandolin-powered line in what we might plausibly tag swamp-folk. Trace elements of PJ Harvey, The Gun Club and Tupelo-era Nick Cave are all identifiable, but S&D have a fervid, hypnotic train chug all their own, and some fractious boy/girl vocal duels that betray Adele Bethel’s stint as foil to the curmudgeonly Aidan Moffat in Arab Strap. A handy start.