De La Soul producer enlists all-star cast to make third solo album

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Prince Paul – Politics Of The Business

Everything Prince Paul (Paul Huston) touches turns to gold. He proved himself as the man behind Stetsasonic, De La Soul and Handsome Boy Modeling School. This good-natured jab at the music industry, which failed to understand his (brilliant) 1999 concept album A Prince Among Thieves, calls on the likes of De La Soul’s Trugoy, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Guru and The Beatnuts. And, of course, it all works. Kokane’s attack on gangsta braggadocio, “So What?”, is excellent. The unknown collaborators are great (particularly W Ellington Felton on the beat-driven blues of “Beautifully Absurd”). Chuck D and Ice T duet on the title track. Even the skits are funny (Chris Rock helps out). All that is good in hip hop is here.