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Pram – Dark Island

There exist groups who, regardless of how interesting their music might be, are rendered unlistenable by their singer. Pram’s Rosie Cuckston deploys the same couldn’t-care-less stylings as Stereolab’s Laetitia Sadier in a way that goes beyond atonality. Dark Island’s more approachable than 2000’s Museum Of Imaginary Animals, but despite attempts at poignancy such as “Goodbye”, that voice is a barrier, and the sub-Morricone mood pieces (“Peepshow”) and ’60s French un-pop (“Penny Arcade”) would have sounded dated even in 1994.

  • Richard Head

    I’ve just discovered this band. On the Dark Island album I love the track ‘Track of the Cat’. Which of course is an instrumental, and shows the talent behind the instrumentation. But when Cuckston’s voice interjects on other tracks well, it ruins them for me. Sorry… just can’t… connect…