What-the-FUCK debut from the Spike Milligan of British rap

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Infinite Livez – Bush Meat

Where the hell did THIS spring from? His real name is Steven Henry, his imaginary accomplice is a one-eyed teddy bear named Barry Convex, and he is nothing less than the British Dr Octagon. Cheerfully rapping atonal joints which deal with hyperactive nipples (the bloody brilliant “Adventures Of The Lactating Man”?”Come back in the morning with a pint of semi-skimmed”?Andre 3000 meets Benny Hill), sex with primates (“Drilla Ape”?”Looking like a hairy Naomi Jordan”) and infatuation with a plastic My Little Pony toy (“Pononee Girl”?”I’m willing to ride you like Frankie Dettori”), this is hilarious, sick, deeply avant-garde and even more deeply danceable hip hop shit. It’s The Madcap Laughs to the Sgt Pepper of The Streets’ A Grand Don’t Come For Free.