Brian May Made University Chancellor

Brian May Made University Chancellor

[b]Brian May[/b] was made a university chancellor for Liverpool John Moores University yesterday (November 19).

[b]Queen[/b]'s lead guitarist, pictured above on the steps at the Liverpool Anglican Church ceremony, takes over from [b]Cherie Booth QC[/b] as the the university's chancellor.

Brian May is due to take up his new position in February next year and has declared that the challenge was "irresistible" and that he would be celebrating with a vegetarian roast.

He said: "Yes, I will be celebrating tonight. How? With a delicious vegetarianroast, and a glass ofchoice desert wine!"

In a statement May said: "The way my life is at the moment, I probably didn't need another challenge, but this one was irresistible! I have a great feeling for the university and the dedicated people who run it, and I am convinced there is an opportunity here to go where no one has been before."

He added: "I look forward to working with the administrative and academic staff of Liverpool John Moores to develop this unique environment still further,directlyaddressing the needs of students for their careers and for their lives. I understand Cherie Booth QC was very active in the life of the university, and I hope to be a worthy successor.

Brian May was made an Honorary Fellow of LJMU at the University's summer graduation ceremony in July. He was recognised for his outstanding contribution to the arts, and for encouraging public understanding of science following the publication of his book 'Bang! The Complete History of the Universe'.

May co-authored the book with Chris Lintott and Sir Patrick Moore, who is also a Fellow of LJMU.

May has also this year finally completed his PhD, with a 48,000 word theses Radial Velocities In The Zodiacal Dust Cloud, which he started work on 30 years ago.

Pic credit: Christian Petersen/LJMU/PA


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