Living Proof

The 10 individual CDs from 2001's box set, documenting the rise of the Dead from folky beginnings to fully-fledged masters of the cosmos

The Actors

Daft knockabout comedy of theatrical rogues

Hobson’s Choice The Sound Barrier

A double header, featuring two of David Lean's finest directorial efforts. Hobson's Choice (1954) sees Charles Laughton's magnificently overbearing Lancastrian patriarch butt heads with his equally stubborn daughter Brenda de…

Television Roundup

The TV version of Chris Morris' Radio 1 series Blue Jam (plus the late-night counterpart, Jaaaaam, also included here) pushed beyond the edges of comedy with an almost sadistic determination…

The Good Girl

Underrated comedy-drama from Chuck & Buckteam. Jennifer Aniston's fine as a frustrated store-worker who cheats on pothead John C Reilly with Jake Gyllenhaal, in another Holden Caulfield-type role. The feel…

West Country Girl

Former Catatonia singer goes to Nashville and comes back with a Welsh country album produced by Bob Dylan's mate

Ok Go

Upbeat debut from Chicago-based four-piece

Magnificent Seventh

In most cultures, seven is a magic number. Not in rock'n'roll, where to sustain any degree of originality beyond album three or four is about as rare as a sober…


Fine if sometimes obscure music-making from fiery Scots legend

Orifice Politics

Subversive Sundance prize-winner probes the darker nooks and crannies of the human condition


Fierce love and hard drugs in London's East End