Prince Collectible Vinyls To Be Released

Prince Collectible Vinyls To Be Released

Twelve limited edition 12" vinyls of Prince's hits are to be made available on July 30.

The 12" singles include the popstar's major hits "Kiss", "1999" and "When Doves Cry."

The collectible records coincide with Prince's arrival in London this August for 21 nights of concerts, the first seven of which are at the 02 Arena.

All twelve releases will be also be available as digital downloads on the same day.

All will come in their original sleeves and include b-side versions that will be released as digital downloads for the first time - these are marked with asterisks.

The singles collection is as follows;

1. A: I Wanna Be Your Lover (Extended Version) (5:47)
B: Just As Long As We're Together (6:24)

2. A: When Doves Cry (Full Length Version) (5:54)
B: 17 Days (3:54)

Sign "O" The Times (LP Version) (4:57)
B: La, La, La, He, He, Hee (10:32) **

4. A: Kiss (Extended Version) (7:16)
B: ? or $ (6:46) (aka Love Or Money)**

A Rasberry Beret Extended Remix) (6:36)
B: Hello (Extended Remix) (6:29) **

6. A: Let's Go Crazy (Special Dance Mix) (7:35)
B: Erotic City ("make love not war Erotic City come alive") (7:24) **

7. A: 1999 (Full Length Version) (6:22)
B: Little Red Corvette (Full Length Version) (8:22)

8. A: Purple Rain (Long Version) (8:45)
B1: God (Instrumental) (7:46) **
B2: God (Vocal) (4:02)

9. A: I Would Die 4 U (LP version) (2:57)
B1: Another Lonely Christmas (4:52)
B2: Free (5:00)

10. A1: Gett Off (Extended Remix) (8:31)
A2: Get Off (House Style) (8:20)
A3: Violet The Organ Grinder (4:59)

B1: Gett Off (Flutestramental) (7:26)
B2: Gangster Glam (6:04)
B3: Clockin' The Jizz (4:51)

11. A: Sexy M.F. (LP version) (5:25)
B1: Strollin' (LP version) (3:45)
B2: Daddy Pop (LP version) (5:16)

12. A1: Diamonds And Pearls (LP Version) (5:09)
A2: Housebangers (4:22) **
B1: Cream (NPG Mix) (4:50)
B2: Things Have Got To Change (Tony M Rap) (3:56) **


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