Peter Gabriel to release new single

Peter Gabriel to release new single

Peter Gabriel is to release a new single, "Courage" on November 4, 2013.

The track was originally part of the sessions for the singer's 1986 album, So. It was 'rediscovered' during the search for materials for the So 25th anniversary box set

“When So drew to a close I didn't feel the song was delivering in the way I had hoped, so decided not to include it," explains Gabriel. "When we were reviewing all the material from that time, we wanted to take a fresh look at it and get it finished. I always liked the track and very much enjoyed the playing on it, especially the energy of the drums."

The original version of "Courage" was made available on the 12” vinyl within the So 25th anniversary box set. Now, a “finished” version of the song will be released, mixed by Tchad Blake and with new overdubs from Peter and guitarist David Rhodes.

A newly commissioned remix of the track ‘The Hexidecimal Mix’ by Steve Osborne is available as a free download from Peter Gabriel’s website for a limited period.

Gabriel's So tour reaches the UK later this month.

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