Patti Smith To Exhibit Artwork In Paris

Patti Smith To Exhibit Artwork In Paris

Patti Smith is to exhibit a selection of her artwork, including drawings and photography, at a prestigious Parisian gallery.

“Land 250”, named after Smith’s Polaroid camera, sees the singer and poet exhibit 250 polaroids, including photos of poet Arthur Rimbaud’s cutlery and Jimi Hendrix’s guitar.

Some 25 drawings also feature in the exhibition at Fondation Cartier, alongside found objects, including a stone from the River Ouse in Sussex where novelist Virginia Woolf committed suicide.

Smith has also recorded explanations of her artwork to be played in the gallery.

Herve Chandes, the director of Fondation Cartier, said: “Everything Patti does is very emotional, but this is particularly personal to her. It is an immensely romantic, lyrical show which I think will reveal a side to her that not many people have seen before.”

“Land 250” runs from March 28 to June 22.


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