Nick Drake Rarities Get Official Release

Nick Drake Rarities Get Official Release

An extensive collection of Nick Drake rarities is to be released this June.

The 28-track collection "Family Tree" features mostly other people’s compositions: the folk and blues tunes used by many a young guitarist in the 60s, attempting to master the fretboard. Nick Drake played Jackson C. Frank, Bert Jansch, Dave Van Ronk and, of course, Bob Dylan.

Drake's version of Dylan's song "Tomorrow Is A Long Time" is included here.

The lo-fi recordings on this collection were homemade on a reel-to-reel tape recorder prior to making his debut album "Five Leaves Left" in 1969.

Drake's estate - managed by Gabrielle drake and Cally Callomon have put together this collection to stop the proliferation of poor quality bootlegs that have been in abundance since Drake's Death in 1974.

"Family Tree" is released on June 18.

The full tracklisting of “Family Tree” is as follows:

1. Come In To The Garden (introduction) (Nick Drake)
2. They're Leaving Me Behind (Nick Drake)
3. Time Piece (Nick Drake)
4. Poor Mum (M.Drake) performed by Molly Drake
5. Winter Is Gone (Traditional, arr: Nick Drake)
6. All My Trials (Traditional) performed by Nick and Gabrielle Drake
7. Kegelstatt Trio for clarinet, viola and piano, (W.A. Mozart) performed by The Family Trio: Nancy McDowall (viola) ; Chris McDowall (piano); Nick Drake (clarinet)
8. Strolling Down the Highway (Bert Jansch)
9. Paddling In Rushmere (Traditional)
10. Cocaine Blues (Traditional)
11. Blossom (Nick Drake)
12. Been Smoking Too Long (Robin Frederick)
13. Black Mountain Blues (Traditional)
14. Tomorrow Is A Long Time (Bob Dylan)
15. If You Leave Me (Dave van Ronk)
16. Here Come The Blues (Jackson C. Frank)
17. Sketch 1 (Nick Drake)
18. Blues Run The Game (Jackson C. Frank)
19. My Baby So Sweet (Traditional)
20. Milk And Honey (Jackson C. Frank)
21. Kimbie (Traditional)
22. Bird Flew By (Nick Drake)
23. Rain (Nick Drake)
24. Strange Meeting II (Nick Drake)
25. Day Is Done (Nick Drake)
26. Come Into The Garden (Nick Drake)
27. Way To Blue (Nick Drake)
28. Do You Ever Remember? (M. Drake) performed by Molly Drake


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