Neil Young's Time Fades Away reissue: the plot thickens

Neil Young's Time Fades Away reissue: the plot thickens

Copies of Neil Young's Record Store Day reissue of his long-out-of-print 1973 album, Time Fades Away, have been manufactured and are sitting in warehouse, according to Record Store Day co-founder Michael Kurtz.

The album was scheduled for release as part of Young's Official Release Series Discs 5-8 Vinyl Box Set, alongside On The Beach, Tonight's The Night and Zuma. It was delayed in March "due to several other projects that Young has in the works that he wishes to focus on."

But in an April 9 interview on East Village Radio Kurtz explained that the box set had been manufactured and shipped to the warehouse before Young decided to delay the release.

“One of the big projects we had for Record Store Day was the Neil Young box set, which was all of those last four albums of his iconic period of his career," Kurtz explained. "And Neil had put it together, Warner Bros, who’s a good partner with Record Store Day created it, and they manufactured it, shipped it to the warehouse and then they got the call from Neil, ‘I don’t want to do that. We’re going to wait and put those out on Black Friday.’ They were already ordered, the stores were expecting to get it. But this is Record Store Day, there’s always a bit of chaos involved in it, because it does come down to the artist, what they want to do, and if they change their mind as Neil did in the last minute, those records are going to wait another six months before we all get a chance to get them.”

Record Store Day takes place this year on April 19; no date has been confirmed for Black Friday 2014, although last year's event took place on November 29.

Meanwhile, Young recently finished a four-date residency at the Dolby Theatre, Los Angeles. His next run of solo acoustic shows take place on April 17 and 18 at the Meyerson Symphony Center, Dallas, Texas and then on April 21 and 22 and the Chicago Theatre, Chicago, Illinois.

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