Morrissey Signs New Solo Record Deal

Morrissey Signs New Solo Record Deal

[b]Morrissey[/b] has revealed that he has now signed a new solo record deal, and that his next album will be released through [b]Decca[/b], part of [b]Polydor Records[/b].

The former [b]Smiths[/b] front man has declared that there is no way he will be releasing any of his future albums in a similar way to [b]Radiohead[/b] giving theirs away for technically nothing.

In an interview with Uncut's sister title NME this week, Morrissey said: "Believing that several thousand people are working to get your music heard is more inspiring to me than anything else."

He explained: "If they (Radiohead) think that can work that that's a wonderful world. And yes, you can look at record companies and you can easily assess that they've been ripping people off for years and years and years. The whole process is a gigantic rip off. But then there are people like me who need to be institutionalised... and I don't mean in an asylum!"

Speaking about the new solo album that he is already working on, Morrissey said: "I'm extremely happy about it. I love my band at the moment, and the songs are great, of course."

A solo Best of compilation is also due for release early next year, as well as a residency of shows at London's Roundhouse in January.


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