Morrissey responds to lawsuit filed by former security guard

Morrissey responds to lawsuit filed by former security guard

Morrissey has denied reports that he ordered a security guard to attack a man who runs a fansite dedicated to the singer.

A report on TMZ sees Bradley Steyn allege that he was asked in his position as security guard to "hurt" the man in charge of fansite, Morrissey-Solo. Steyn also says that Morrissey's tour manager asked if the fan "could be gotten rid of." The security guard says he declined the request and was fired the following day.

The singer has subsequently responded to Steyn's claims via another fansite, True To You . Posting a lengthy riposte on the website, the former Smiths frontman admits to having a troubled relationship with Morrissey-Solo editor David Tseng but claims that his personal involvement with Stey "has been zero."

"I feel I must say to those who have not yet worked it out, that the story is a vexatious lie," he adds. The very idea that I would ask a complete stranger (Bradley Steyn) to physically attack David Tseng surely cannot register with any sane person as being likely. As mildly irritating as David Tseng may be, he is not someone who troubles me enough to even bother with. The shabby truth of this drama is that Bradley Steyn has been trying to extract money from what he terms 'the Morrissey tour', and he has failed."

The singer ends by stating that Steyn's statement is now in the hands of the Los Angeles Police Department, and is subject to both criminal and civil action.

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