Midlake Joined By Special Guest At Latitide

Midlake Joined By Special Guest At Latitide

Midlake have just played the Latitude Festival main Obelisk stage, to a hazy sunny crowd.

The Magic Numbers' singer Romeo Stoddart joined Midlake vocalist Tim Smith for the second track, after a shaky, sound issues start on the runing-late stage.

Introduced as "My friend Romeo," Smith and Stoddart collaborated for Midlake's new single "Roscoe."

Fellow Magic Number Angela Gannon, watched Romeo's appearance from the front of the crowd, ahead of their own bands appearance on the Obelisk stage after Midlake.

Sounding very Fleetwood Mac-y, Smith declared to the audience with delight that they've "heard they now get played in strip clubs." He chuckles and says "Hey we can't get in the Top 10, but we can do that!"

Midlake then played a new a song, Tim Smith saying that 'Children Of The Ground' will "probably appear on the next album.

Midlake finished the hazy sunny set with a soaring version of their hit single from last year, 'Head Home.'

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