Michelle Shocked tells Piers Morgan: "I admit I made a mistake."

Michelle Shocked tells Piers Morgan: "I admit I made a mistake."

Last night (Monday, April 1), Michelle Shocked appeared on Piers Morgan Live on CNN.

Her appearance on Morgan's show came after a difficult fe weeks for the singer. On March 17, she launched into an anti-gay tirade on stage in San Francisco. Subsequently, eleven scheduled American concert dates were cancelled by the venues themselves.

Speaking to Morgan about the March 17 incident, she said, "I admit I made a mistake, Piers. If I had the chance to do it again, I don't think I would have taken the audience up on their choice. I had presented an entire performance, and I framed it as 'truth,' and then I came out back for an encore, and they requested 'reality.' What has consequently taken place ever since then is my manifestation of how little I think of reality."

On March 28, Shocked had turned up in Santa Cruz, California, at Moe's Alley - one of the venues who had cancelled her performance there. She sat outside the venue wearing a mask across her mouth that read 'Silenced By Fear'. She was wearing a white, disposable safety suit with 'gimme wit not spit' written on the back. A series of posters had been placed above her head, bearing slogans such as 'does speech really scare you that much?' and 'what would you say to Michelle Shocked if you had waited to hear her side of the story vs. what was reported? Were you there?'

Earler that day, reports the New York Times, she had posted her intentions on Twitter. “It’s an art project,” she wrote. “’My Summer Vacation.’ I want your autograph. Bring Sharpie.”

Clips for the interview with Piers Morgan can be found here.


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