Lightspeed Champion To Headline New Music Festival

Lightspeed Champion To Headline New Music Festival

Lightspeed Champion has been confirmed to headline the new Redfest festival at Redhill starting July 4.

The independently run two-day event hopes to bring the fun back into festivals. “It’s all about the music,” says promotor Matt Nichols. “In today’s crowded festival market, there aren’t that many independently run festivals who are putting on events without jumping into bed with the big corporations.”

The aim, he says, is to give today’s youth the same experience and the generation that preceded it, “an event with purely music in mind.“

Other bands to feature are Reading based Does It Offend You, Yeah?, and Pete and the Pirates.

The festival, runs over the weekend of July 4 and 5, is £63 and includes camping and parking, and Redfest goers are allowed to stay onsite till July 6.

More information and tickets for Redfest are on sale now and will be available through the festival's website here:


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