Led Zeppelin Reunion Show Is Definitely Go

Led Zeppelin Reunion Show Is Definitely Go

After much speculation (and denials) this Summer, it would appear that the rumours of a one-off [b]Led Zeppelin[/b] reunion are true.

The PR company who are handling the forthcoming double-disc Led Zepp best of '[b]Mothership[/b]' are holding a press conference [b]this Wednesday[/b] (September 12).

The press call at the 02 Centre is being hosted by concert promoter [b]Harvey Goldsmith[/b], leading us to believe that an official announcement about the Led Zeppelin reunion will be made. Possibly to be at the [b]02 Arena[/b], but the date of which is yet to be confirmed.

By all accounts, [b]Robert Plant[/b] somewhat let the proverbial cat out of the proverbial bag last week when he turned up at the Gibson Guitartown London charity exhibition, where he signed a special 10-foot hand-painted Gibson Les Paul.

Asked by a fan if he was looking forward to the show at the O2, Plant replied: “How did you know about that?” He then added that there was a band meeting that very afternoon to discuss the show.

In other Led Zepp related news, [b]Robert Plant[/b] is to release a new album [b]Raising Sand[/b], next month. Recorded with bluegrass singer and fiddle virtuoso [b]Alison Krauss[/b] and producer [b]T-Bone Burnett[/b] you can find out more about it on John Mulvey's blog here.

Come back to later today, when hopefully we'll be able to reveal the date that everyone seems to be talking about.

Pic credit: Rex Features


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