Led Zep Reunion Tickets Go For £83,000!

Led Zep Reunion Tickets Go For £83,000!

A pair of tickets for Led Zeppelin's reunion concert has been sold today for £83,000.

The tickets were for sale as part of a charity auction for BBC's annual Children In Need appeal, and Radio 2 listener Kenneth Donnell in Glasgow nabbed the tickets.

Donnell won the auction for the tickets that were originally worth £125 and only available through a ballot style lottery.

Though for his cash, he will also get the added treat of seeing Led Zeppelin rehearse prior to their headline show at London's 02 Arena on December 10.

Led Zeppelin are reuniting for a one-off show as part of a concert in tribute to their former boss, Atlantic Records founder [b]Ahmet Ertegun[/b].

[b]Pete Townshend[/b], [b]Bill Wyman[/b], [b]Paul Rodgers[/b] and [b]Paolo Nutini[/b] will also perform at the show.

The show was originally scheduled to take place on November 26, until guitarist [b]Jimmy Page[/b] accidentally broke his finger delaying the show by two weeks.

Other winners in Radio 2's [b]Auction of Things That Money Can't Buy[/b] included Sir Tom Hunter, who paid £100,000 for two VIP passes to the 2008 Formula 1 Santander British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

Children in Need's fundraising TV show takes place on BBC 1 from 7pm tomorrow (Friday 16).


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