Countdown To Led Zep: The Biggest Reunion Ever Is Here In 7 Days

Countdown To Led Zep: The Biggest Reunion Ever Is Here In 7 Days

[b]Led Zeppelin[/b], they are coming...

Barring any more unfortunate "gardening accidents", there's only one week to go until the biggest reunion gig of, ooh, just about ever takes place at London's 02 Arena.

[b]Jimmy Page[/b], [b]Robert Plant[/b] and [b]John Paul Jones[/b] will be joined by [b]John Bonham[/b]'s son Jason to headline the Tribute To Ahmet Ertegun Concert next Monday (December 10).

So, from today, will be bringing you our own special countdown to the show, the one that a million people tried to get tickets for, and only 20,000 were successful... but fret not, will also be reporting live from the event, bringing you breaking news as it happens.

Join us this week, then, as celebrity musicians including [b]Jarvis Cocker[/b], [b]John Lydon[/b] and [b]Roy Harper[/b] nominate the Zep song they'd most like to hear played at O2, random revelations, and our own unique 'build-your-own-Led-Zep' reunion concert kit!

Today we give you: [b]'Rambling On' - our Top 10 of words that tend to occur frequently in the lyrics of Led Zeppelin’s studio albums (1969-’82):[/b]

[b]1 | “Baby” (225 occurrences)
2 | “Babe” (46)
3 | “Mama” (42; includes 29 on Physical Graffiti alone)
4 | “Man” [incorporating “hangman”, “policeman”, and “back door man”] (34)
5 | “Woman” [including “brown-skin woman”, “steady-rollin’ woman”, “big-legged woman”] (69)
6 | “Girl” [including “schoolgirl”] (37)
7 | “Love” [including “lurve”, “luhurve”, “leerrrve”, “lorhorve”, etc] (174)
8 | “Gonna” [I/you/he/she is going to...”] (116)
9 | “Wanna” [I/you/they want to...”] (46)
10 | “Ramble” (10)[/b]

List by David Cavanagh.

Pic credit: Justin Thomas (Jason Bonham on drums, playing with Led Zep at his Wedding day ceremony in 1990)


Editor's Letter

The Fourth Uncut Playlist Of 2015

This week's big distraction has been what appears to be a crazy number of early Aphex Twin tracks accumulating on Soundcloud (I've added the link below). Among the new stuff, though, please try Bop English; the new solo project of James Petralli from White Denim.