Led Zeppelin call journalist a "schmuck" at 'Celebration Day' press conference in New York

Led Zeppelin call journalist a "schmuck" at 'Celebration Day' press conference in New York

Led Zeppelin clashed with journalists at a press conference in New York yesterday (October 9) when asked if the release of their concert DVD Celebration Day could lead to another reunion.

Speaking at New York's Museum of Modern Art to promote the release of the DVD recording of their 2007 concert at London's O2 Arena, the band got shirty with reporters when asked if the film could lead to another set of gigs, Rolling Stone reports. "We've been thinking about all sorts of things," singer Robert Plant said. "And then we can't remember what we were thinking of. Schmuck."

"There are some people in here who are not journalists," he said. "There's a masseuse in here who's not a journalist. I think that's ever so exciting."

Another journalist then praised the film but asked if it would satisfy fans who would rather see the rock legends reunite in the flesh. Plant replied simply, "Sorry!".

He then added: "We're pretty good at what we do but the tail should never wag the dog, really. If we're capable of doing something, in our own time, that will be what will happen. So any inane questions from people who are from syndicated outlets, you should just really think about what it takes to answer a question like that in one second. We know what we've got, you know."

Celebration Day, which is a concert film of the band's 2007 appearance at London's 02 Arena, will screen in cinemas from October 17. It will then get a general DVD release on November 19. A deluxe edition will also include footage of the Shepperton rehearsals, as well as BBC news footage.


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