John Peel Art Show To Open

John Peel Art Show To Open

"FOR PEEL" – a celebratory art, music and photographic project - is to open in London this month.

”For Peel” features paintings, drawings, sculpture and photography from over 50 Peel fans as well as established artists.

Each fan has made a work inspired by an artist that they loved and whom Peel also championed.

As well as the exhibition, the first 2000 to attend the show will get a free CD of exclusive music.

As well as six unsigned bands, in true Peel tradition the CD will also include six established Peel favourites.

Artists who have contributed a track include Mick Harvey and Cornershop.

As if that wasn’t enough, everyone will get a free fanzine that features images from the show as well as tributes from writers including Arthur Smith.

"For Peel" is curated by Harry Pye who has previously organised more than a dozen art shows; in fact, the first exhibition he ever put together, "It May Be Rubbish But It's British Rubbish", was partly financed by John Peel himself.

Harry Pye’s conclusion about the show is that "This exhibition is simple stuff: Artists who love John Peel making work about the bands John Peel loved. Happy Christmas."

Admission to “For Peel” is completely free and runs from November 24- December 23.

For more information about the show – Click here


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