John Paul Jones unveils new band

John Paul Jones unveils new band

John Paul Jones has started a new band called Minibus Pimps.

Jones has joined forces with Norwegian musician Deathprod - aka Helge Sten - for the project. The band will release their debut LP Cloud To Ground on March 3, reports Pitchfork. The band have launched their own website website.

Meanwhile, Robert Plant recently revealed he discovered previously unreleased Led Zeppelin music, some of which features the band's bassist John Paul Jones on vocals and which may feature on the forthcoming remastered releases of Led Zeppelin's back catalogue.

Speaking about John Paul Jones' response to the material which features him on vocals, he joked that Jones is trying to bribe him not to release the songs. "So far, he's going to give me two cars and a greenhouse not to get 'em on the album," he said.

John Paul Jones has ruled out the possibility of a Led Zeppelin reunion this year - because he is too busy writing an opera. When asked about a 2014 Led Zeppelin reunion by Red Carpet TV News, he replied: "2014 is full of opera for me at the moment." Last year he revealed he was "halfway through the first act" of his opera, which is based on Spöksonaten (The Ghost Sonata), a 1907 play by Swedish writer August Strindberg. He described opera as being "unlike anything else", adding: "It's the emotion, the passion, and I'm writing an opera myself so I have to say that."

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