John Lennon: Stars Pick Their Favourite Tracks

John Lennon: Stars Pick Their Favourite Tracks

The January issue of UNCUT hits the shops today (November 29), featuring an all-star panel of musicians selecting their favourite song by the late [b]Beatle[/b] [b]John Lennon[/b].

Which Lennon song "flipped out" [b]Brian Wilson[/b] when he first heard it?

Which one reminds [b]Arctic Monkey[/b] [b]Alex Turner[/b] of his mum and dad?

And when we asked [b]The Who[/b]'s [b]Roger Daltrey[/b] for his favourite, what on earth led him to conclude: "I can see why people go completely mad in this business."?

And there's many, many brilliant contributions from the likes of [b]Yoko Ono[/b], [b]John Cale[/b], [b]John Lydon[/b], [b]Jarvis Cocker[/b] and [b]Liam Gallagher[/b].

Meanwhile, will be running online exclusives throughout the month, starting with former [b]Clash[/b] man Mick Jones (below).

Coming up: [b]The Gossip[/b]'s [b]Beth Ditto[/b], [b]Josh Ritter[/b], [b]Bat For Lashes[/b], [b]Roy Wood[/b] and more will be picking out their favourite tracks.

[b]Mick Jones, Carbon Silicon:[/b]


[b]Single from the John Lennon album, 'Double Fantasy' (October 1980).

Highest UK chart position: 1[/b]

Don't tell the punk police, but I loved this at the time and I love it now. It's that big sound that kicks in after the last verse that gets me - it's so brilliantly produced, like him and the drummer and a choir of angels are being dragged through an echo chamber, a real Phil Spector Wall of Sound job.

It's a very futuristic effect that sounds like you're being transported in a time machine, back to an innocent age, you know, all the "shooby-doo" backing vocals, the rock 'n' roll shuffle rhythm, the heavy reverb on the drums. I also love the sentiment behind it. It's a really uplifting song, so wonderfully life-affirming, a real celebration of rebirth and renewal, the idea of capturing the naivety and naturalness that often feeds artistic creativity. That's such a simple but beautiful idea.

Interview: John Lewis

Plus! What do you think Lennon's greatest song is? You can vote for your choice, and tell us why, by clicking here for the special poll. We'll be publishing your choices in a future issue of Uncut, along with a reader Top 10. VOTE HERE!


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