A Lock Of John Lennon's Hair Sells For 24 Grand

A Lock Of John Lennon's Hair Sells For 24 Grand

A lock of hair belonging to The Beatles' John Lennon given to a hairdresser in the 60s has been sold for an astonishing £24,000.

The hair, which had a guide price of just £2-3,000, has been bought by a telephone bidder at a Beatles and Film memorabilia collection at Gorringes Auction House reports BBC news.

The hair, attached to a copy of Lennon's book A Spaniard In The Works belonged to West Sussex hairdresser Betty Glasow, came with a message saying: "To Betty, lots of love and hair, from John Lennon xx."

Mrs Glasow groomed The Beatles' hair in the 60s, during filming of A Hard Day's Night and Help in the 1960s.

Glasow also sold a picture signed by George "Dandruff" Harrison for £6, 500.

A spokesperson for the auction house, Francesca Collin said: "It is astonishing that there is still so much interest in the Beatles and the sale goes to prove that John Lennon is still an icon.

"To have some of Lennon's hair along with a signed note from him really does give it fantastic provenance and authenticity. Collections of this kind are rare and the hair in particular is a real one-off for Beatles collectors."

The memorabilia also included autographed pictures and personal messages from actors Michael Caine and Steve McQueen.


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