Jack White brings 'Blunderbuss' to London for first solo UK show

Jack White brings 'Blunderbuss' to London for first solo UK show

Jack White played his first solo UK show last night [April 23], headlining the HMV Forum the day his debut solo album Blunderbuss'was released.

The former White Stripes man was watched by stars including The Mighty Boosh duo Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt, plus Alabama Shakes, who are set to support him on his May UK tour dates, and BBC Radio One's Fearne Cotton.

Blunderbuss hit the shelves yesterday and the set was heavy with songs from the record. However, he and his all-female backing band also found space for The White Stripes "My Doorbell", "Hotel Yorba", "We're Going To Be Friends" and "Seven Nation Army".

Tracks by his other bands The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather also got a look in, with "Top Yourself" and "Carolina Drama" by the former and "Blue Blood Blues" and "I Cut Like A Buffalo" by the latter making the setlist. He also played "Two Against One", from his Rome collaboration album with Danger Mouse and Daniel Luppi, plus folk standard "Goodnight, Irene" to close the show.

White is set to return in June for more UK gigs, including a set at Radio 1's Hackney Weekend event in London on June 23.

Jack White played:

'Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground'
'Freedom At 21'
'First song on album'
'Love Interruption'
'Top Yourself'
'Hotel Yorba'
'Hypocritical Kiss'
'Weep Themselves To Sleep'
'I'm Slowly Turning Into You'
'Two Against One'
'We're Going To Be Friends'
'On And On And On'
'I Cut Like A Buffalo'
'Blue Blood Blues'
'Ball And Biscuit'
'Take Me With You When You Go'
'My Doorbell'
'Carolina Drama'
'Seven Nation Army'
'Goodnight, Irene'


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