Hear new Black Flag song, "Down In The Dirt"

Hear new Black Flag song, "Down In The Dirt"

Black Flag have released a brand new song.

Scroll down to listen to "Down In The Dirt", which comes ahead of a new album. The song can be downloaded for free via SST Records by clicking here.

Ron Reyes, Greg Ginn, Gregory Moore and Dale Nixon are currently putting the finishing touches on an LP, which is set for release later this year.

They are one of two versions of the band about to play shows. The 1979-80 line-up of the band - fronted by Reyes – will play the Hevy Fest in Kent as well as gigs across the US and Europe.

Another incarnation of the band will also be playing shows this summer. The band's co-founder Keith Morris, alongside Chuck Dukowski, Bill Stevenson and Stephen Egerton of Descendents, will be touring as Flag.

"Down In The Dirt" was released via the official Black Flag website with a note that reads that the band are: "not to be confused with the 'fake' Flag band currently covering the songs of Black Flag in an embarrassingly weak 'mailing it in' fashion. We urge you to check out the real Black Flag when they hit your area."

Greg Ginn was joined by Ron Reyes in Black Flag in 1979, replacing Keith Morris, who went on to form The Circle Jerks. Morris currently plays with Off!.

Reyes quit just one year later and was replaced by fan Dez Cadena. Henry Rollins joined the band in 1981, leaving in 1986. Rollins is not attached to any of the Black Flag reunions.

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