Gorillaz to release 'The Fall' physically in April

Gorillaz to release 'The Fall' physically in April

[b]Gorillaz[/b]' album [b]'The Fall'[/b] is set to come out on CD, vinyl and paid-for download in April.

[b]Damon Albarn[/b]'s band gave the album away as a free download to fanclub members last December. It was recorded on an [b]iPad[/b] by [b]Albarn[/b] and produced by [b]Stephen Sedgwick[/b].

It will now be released on 180g vinyl on April 16, for Record Store Day. The CD release will follow on April 18 and it will also be available as a paid-for download from the same date.

[b]Albarn[/b] said of the album, which he recorded on the band's 2010 US tour: "I did it because there's a lot of time that you just spend staring at walls, essentially. And it was a fantastic way of doing it. I found working in the day, whether it's in the hotel or in the venue, was a brilliant way of keeping myself well."

The tracklisting of [b]'The Fall'[/b] is:

[b]'Phoner To Arizona'
'Revolving Doors'
'HillBilly Man'
'Little Pink Plastic Bags'
'The Joplin Spider'
'The Parish Of Space Dust'
'The Snake In Dallas'
'The Speak It Mountains'
'Aspen Forest'
'Bobby In Phoenix'
'California And The Slipping Of The Sun'
'Seattle Yodel'[/b]

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