Gary Numan To Release Trio Of Peel Sessions

Gary Numan To Release Trio Of Peel Sessions

Gary Numan is to release a collection of live Peel Sessions drawn from his influential electro pop career.

Diverse musicians who sing Numan's praises include Nine Inch Nails, Foo Fighters, Queens Of The Stone Age, Basement Jaxx and Afrika Bambaataa.

Culled from sessions with the late DJ John Peel in 1979 and 2001, "Gary Numan - The Complete John Peel Sessions" features 16 tracks from the Numan's most successful years.

The first session in January 1979 happened three months before the release of his LP "Replicas" and tracks "Me! I Disconnect From You", "Down In The Park" and "I Nearly Married A Human" are starkly brilliant.

A second session in May the same year produced great funky live versions of "Cars", "Airlane", "Films’ and "Conversation."

The final session included in this new Numan collection was recorded in July 2001, when he played nine intensive tracks from "Pure" at John Peel's request.

This CD release is the first time the 2001 "Pure" session has been made commercially available.

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