Compile Onto The Bus With Funeral For A Friend

Compile Onto The Bus With Funeral For A Friend

Welsh rockers Funeral For A Friend have put together a party compilation of classic rock tunes, ahead of the release of their third LP “Tales Don’t Tell Themselves.”

The gold-selling quintet have condensed their tour bus soundtrack for the “Back To The Bus” series.

Classic tracks from Black Sabbath, Van Halen and Pantera are all included amongst the line-up.

Band drummer Ryan Richards explained the vibe, saying “What songs are playing on the bus usually depends on the general mood at the time (party mood, singalong mood, chillout mood), or more likely which one of us gets to the stereo first. So I think we got all bases covered, a bit of Queen for party time, a bit of Boston for some air guitar action, a bit of Megadeth for some headbanging and bit of Johnny Cash for some chillout time and everywhere in between.”

Funeral For A Friend’s bus trip consists of the following guitar heavy tracks:

Queen, “Don’t Stop Me Now.”
Dub War, “Enemy Maker”
Earthtone 9, “Tat Twam Asi”
Faith No More, “Midlife Crisis”
Boston, “More Than A Feeling”
Van Halen, “Ain’t Talking About Love”
Far, “Water And Solutions”
Megadeth, “Holy Wars”
The Haunted, “Bury Your Dead”
Pantera, “Mouth For War”
Black Sabbath, “Black Sabbath”
Longview, “Further”
Johnny Cash, “Folsom Prison Blues”

There is also an exclusive Funeral For A Friend live track and interview included on the compilation.

Funeral For A Friend’s “Back To The Bus” is out on March 19. The studio album “Tales Don’t Tell Themselves” is due out in May.


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