Fleetwood Mac to reissue Rumours for 35th anniversary

Fleetwood Mac to reissue Rumours for 35th anniversary

Fleetwood Mac have announced that they will be reissuing expanded and deluxe versions of their 1977 album Rumours early next year.

Posting the news on their website yesterday (December 12), the band revealed that the expanded edition will contain three CDs including the original album with B-Side 'Silver Springs', 12 unreleased live recordings from the band's 1977 world tour including 'The Chain', 'Oh Daddy' and 'Songbird', and another disc filled with 16 unreleased takes from the album recording sessions.

A separate deluxe edition will also include everything from the expanded version, as well as the album on 12" vinyl, plus an additional disc of outtakes and a DVD of The Rosebud Film – a documentary about the album filmed in 1977.

Althought it's being trumpeted as a 35th anniversary reissue, the expanded edition will come out 36 years after the record was originally released.

Fleetwood Mac are also set to embark on a world tour, kicking off with a 34-date US tour in April, 2013. Stevie Nicks also revealed to NME that the band are planning on coming to the UK and that she would love to do Glastonbury too.


Disc 1

1. “Second Hand News”
2. “Dreams”
3. “Never Going Back Again”
4. “Don’t Stop”
5. “Go Your Own Way”
6. “Songbird”
7. “The Chain”
8. “You Make Loving Fun”
9. “I Don’t Want To Know”
10. “Oh Daddy”
11. “Gold Dust Woman”
12. “Silver Springs” – b-side

Disc 2: Live, 1977 Rumours World Tour

1. Intro
2. “Monday Morning”
3. “Dreams”
4. “Don’t Stop”
5. “The Chain”
6. “Oh Daddy”
7. “Rhiannon”
8. “Never Going Back Again”
9. “Gold Dust Woman”
10. “World Turning”
11. “Go Your Own Way”
12. “Songbird”

Disc 3: More from the Recording Sessions

1. “Second Hand News” (Early Take)
2. “Dreams” (Take 2)
3. “Never Going Back Again” (Acoustic Duet)
4. “Go Your Own Way” (Early Take)
5. “Songbird” (Demo)
6. “Songbird” (Instrumental, Take 10)
7. “I Don’t Want To Know” (Early Take)
8. “Keep Me There” (Instrumental)
9. “The Chain” (Demo)
10. “Keep Me There” (With Vocal)
11. “Gold Dust Woman” (Early Take)
12. “Oh Daddy” (Early Take)
13. “Silver Springs” (Early Take)
14. “Planets Of The Universe” (Demo)
15. “Doesn’t Anything Last” (Acoustic Duet)
16. “Never Going Back Again” (Instrumental)

Disc 4: 2004 Reissue Roughs & Outtakes

1. “Second Hand News”
2. “Dreams”
3. “Brushes (Never Going Back Again)”
4. “Don’t Stop”
5. “Go Your Own Way”
6. “Songbird”
7. “Silver Springs”
8. “You Make Loving Fun”
9. “Gold Dust Woman #1”
10. “Oh Daddy”
11. “Think About It”

Early Demos

12. “Never Going Back Again”
13. “Planets Of The Universe”
14. “Butter Cookie (Keep Me There)”
15. “Gold Dust Woman”
16. “Doesn’t Anything Last”

Jam Sessions

17. “Mic The Screecher”
18. “For Duster (The Blues)”
“The Rosebud Film” by Michael Collins

Vinyl LP

Side 1
1. “Second Hand News”
2. “Dreams”
3. “Never Going Back Again”
4. “Don’t Stop”
5. “Go Your Own Way”
6. “Songbird”

Side 2
1. “The Chain”
2.“You Make Loving Fun”
3. “I Don’t Want To Know”
4. “Oh Daddy”
5. “Gold Dust Woman”


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