Fan footage needed for Springsteen doc

Fan footage needed for Springsteen doc

Ridley Scott's production company, Scott Free, are making a documentary about Bruce Springsteen.

According to a story in Variety, Springsteen And I will be compiled by director Baillie Walsh from footage submitted by fans.

Said producer Svana Gisla, "We are searching for a wide variety of creative interpretations, captured in the most visually exciting way you can think of, whether you've been a hardcore Tramp since 73 or have heard one of his songs for the first time today! If you have a parent, a sibling, a neighbour or a colleague who has an interesting tale, we want to know about them. If you can't use a camera or are not sure how to capture your story then get in touch and we will link you up with someone who can."

Videos can be submitted online, but must be under five minutes in length. Submissions are being accepted from midnight GMT on Thursday 15 November for two weeks. These can be uploaded to the website Longer clips can be provided by contacting the production team directly to arrange delivery.

The format of the film is similar to their 2011 documentary, Life In A Day, which was crowdsourced from 80,000 clips taken on July 24, 2010.

Springsteen And I will be released next year.


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