Elvis Presley's Stax Records sessions to be released as box set

Elvis Presley's Stax Records sessions to be released as box set

Elvis Presley's recording sessions at Stax Records will be released together as a box set for the first time today (August 6).

Titled Elvis at Stax: Deluxe Edition, the three-CD box set also features outtakes and rare photos from the two July and December 1973 sessions, which resulted in three separate albums.

As AP reports, the sessions started in 1973 when Presley was forced to head into the studio to record new material to fulfil his contract.

The box set includes a session recorded from July 20-23, during which he made "Raised On Rock", "I've Got A Thing About You Baby" and "For Ol' Time's Sake". Presley later returned to Stax in December for a week-long session to record tracks including "I Got A Feeling In My Body".

It is the first time Presley's songs recorded at Stax are together in the same release. "The dissipation of the Stax recordings across three albums over 18 months provided little or no creative kudos for such deserving artistic accomplishment," 'Elvis at Stax' producer Roger Semon writes notes accompanying the release. "The objective of 'Elvis at Stax' is to reflect the true spontaneity and musicianship of Elvis' sessions."

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