Elton John Opens Up To Worldwide Web

Elton John Opens Up To Worldwide Web

As Elton John is set to reaches his 60th birthday this weekend, and fortieth year in the music business, the siger has finally made his entire back catalogue available for digital download.

Sir Elton’s entire studio output of thirty albums, comprising around 400
tracks, will be exclusively available from iTunes from March 26.

Coinciding with the long-awaited back catalogue releases; Elton is also simultaneously releasing a new compilation album “Rocket Man – The Definitive Hits”.

The former Mr Reg Dwight commented, “I’ve wanted my music to be available for digital download worldwide for some time, but I knew that the entire catalogue – not just the hits – needed care and attention to be released this way.”

This month also sees the 39th anniversary of Sir Elton’s first single, which
was released on seven-inch vinyl.

Sir Elton has also been out celebrating his upcoming birthday (Sunday March 25), including a joint birthday gathering where he dressed as a German officer.

Still on a modern technology trip, Elton is also making a series of video clips available on digital music services and mobile phone realtones.
So you can finally have Elton singing you "Candle In The Wind" everytime your phone rings!

Click here for further details about the digital downloads and to watch the video clips on


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