Quest for the Next Big Thing

Quest for the Next Big Thing

Echo & The Bunnymen singer Ian McCulloch is searching for music’s next big thing as part of a new unsigned bands competition, Pringlesunsung.

The singer is joined by ex-Island Records Managing Director Marc Marot, Radio 2 contributor Paul Sexton and award-winning producers Bacon & Quarmby in a campaign that aims to help bands make and release their own material.

McCulloch says he’s “really excited about being involved”, especially because of the fact that “the music industry can be hard to break into, especially if you sound or look a bit different to everyone else.”

He adds that, "We need to encourage diversity in music, and campaigns like this are exactly the sort of thing that could uncover the next big thing in the music world."

To enter the search, all bands have to do is post a song online along with a few details – so everyone can listen and rate what they hear.

The winners of the search will get the chance to record a demo produced by Bacon & Quarmby as well as receive important management advice. The winning artists will potentially release a download single, too.

Join Ian McCulloch for a special live webchat at 2pm this Friday (November 24) when he will dispense advice on how to get a foot in the musical door and dole out as many tips on how avoid pitfalls as possible!

To find out more about McCulloch’s online chat – Click here to go to


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