Devendra Banhart Brings His Rock Set To Reading

Devendra Banhart Brings His Rock Set To Reading

Devendra Banhart brought out the rock side of his persona this afternoon, when he played a set on the NME/Radio 1 Stage at Reading Festival.

Banhart and his band, which included Joanna Newsom's brother Pete, also debuted a number of their new songs in the set, which followed on from the folk star's all-acoustic performance on a boat earlier today (August 26).

After performing a number of electric new songs, including "Seahorse" and "Samba Vexillographica", Banhart introduced his band, saying: "Hi guys, we're called Spiritual Boner. Now we're gonna play some old stuff."

They then performed fan favourites "Long Haired Child" and closer "I Feel Just Like A Child", with the singer abandoning his guitar and stripping to the waist.

Part-way through the set, Banhart invited two members of the audience up to play one of their songs. The two women then performed their track, backed by Banhart's drummer, to loud cheers.

Check out our Uncut blogs for coverage of Devendra's boat party and his electric Reading set.

Banhart played:

"Samba Vexillographica"
"Find Shelter"
"Long Haired Child"
"Tonada Yanomaminista"
"I Feel Just Like A Child"


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