David Crosby reveals new album details on Twitter

David Crosby reveals new album details on Twitter

David Crosby has revealed details of his forthcoming album on Twitter.

Crosby - who's been providing regular Twitter updates about the album over the last few months - confirmed last night [September 2] the album title and release date, as well as provided more information about the guest musicians who've played on it.

In the first Tweet, Crosby wrote: "OK I think it is done ....a brand new David Crosby record.....11 tracks ...all new ....I love it ...."

He followed it up by naming the album "Dangerous Night... we finished mixing it tonight... myself... Son James... and friend Dan Garcia....not like anything else"

"Can't wait to play this live which I should be able to do in Feb. Or March... mostly just can't wait for you to hear it"

"Probably going to piss off the government again... one of the songs 'Morning Falling' is about a drone strike"

"Most of the others are about life and love... but just as usual...strange and hopefully beautiful"

"I think it will come out in Jan. probably sell at least 18 copies...."

"Players... James Raymond, Marcus Eaton, Steve DiStanislao, Kevin McCormick, Shane Fontayne, Lee Sklar, Steve Tavaglione, Wynton Marsalis"

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