Dave Davies reveals new album details

Dave Davies reveals new album details

Dave Davies has revealed details of his upcoming album, I Will Be Me.

The album is Davies’ sixth solo album and first since 2007's Fractured Mindz.

According to Davies' website, I Will Be Me has an expected release date of June 4, to coincide with Davies' run of American dates.

According to a post on the website for the New York City Winery, where Davies will play on May 28 and 29, "Dave's new album I Will Be Me is a return to his groundbreaking guitar sound and innovative songwriting. His classically English voice shows off a new deepness but still hits his famous high notes in this collection. Hard rocking track 'Living In The Past', takes a look at obsession with retro but, ever the Mod, Dave surprises with the lyric, 'no matter what they do or say, the future's here to stay!'"

"He takes a look back with 'Little Green Amp', a playful, punk homage to days when his jagged, blues driven sound wave ripped ahead of the British Invasion through stereos the world over. 'Cote du Rhone (I Will Be Me)', an uncensored look at ugliness in the world today, is as angry and biting as ever with an innovative heavy yet slide guitar tone. Soothing lyrics and sounds of Jonathan Lea's sitar playing on 'Healing Boy' - show Dave's sensitive side. In a recent radio interview he said, 'rock music is a positive force for good.' This hopeful and optimistic vision manifests and bridges themes personal, social and universal in I Will Be Me."

The tracklisting for I Will Be Me is:

Little Green Amp
Livin' In The Past
The Healing Boy
Midnight In LA
In The Mainframe
Energy Fields
When I First Saw You
The Actress
Erotic Neurotic
You Can Break My Heart
Walker Through The Worlds
Remember The Future
Cote du Rhone (I Will Be Me)

The album will be available for pre-purchase at the following shows:

May 28 and 29, New York City – New York City Winery
May 30, Shirley, Massachusetts, The Bull Run
May 31, Norfolk, Conneticut – Infinity Hall
June 1, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania – Musikfest Café
June 7, San Juan Capistrano, California – The Coach House
June 9, Agoura Hills, California – The Canyon

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