Album review

Danny Barnes & Thee Old Codgers - Things I Done Wrong

Barnes left Austin and the Livers for a new Seattle start four years back, but this record's still rooted in Texas. His voice weaves in and out of the banjo rhythms on the title track, accepting hard times in subtly twisted back-porch phrases, then a track later you're dancing, cares dissolved. T. Rex's "Broken Hearted Blues" becomes stately chamber pop, and instruments from pop's dawn, sentiment from poverty and open-hearted artistry combine in a small near-classic.

Rating: 3 / 10


Editor's Letter

"Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye": Cosimo Matassa 1926-2014

Among my post last week, I received a nice care package from Ace Records that included one quite weird Duke Ellington album ("My People"); Volume 3 of their "Where Country Meets Soul" series (I cannot recommend Ralph ''Soul'' Jackson's version of ''Jambalaya'' highly enough); and, maybe best of...