Cut of the Day: Friday Fun With Springsteen

Cut of the Day: Friday Fun With Springsteen

Uncut was listening to the great new Springsteen album 'Magic' in the office today - so we were inspired to put Springsteen into YouTube search to find a clip for today.

Instead of an actual music clip - we found this frankly hillarious spoof by [b]Ben Stiller[/b] - 'Counting With Springsteen' -

Defy you not to laugh:


Editor's Letter

The 35th Uncut Playlist Of 2014

Weird serendipities aplenty this week: versions of "O, Death" on two albums I downloaded one after another, by Mike & Cara Gangloff and Bessie Jones; dovetailing into Sea Island overlap between Jones and Loscil. It makes for a nice blurring between time and genre with, say, the Gangloffs...