Take Brian Wilson Home With You Today

Take Brian Wilson Home With You Today

Beach Boy Brian Wilson has been preserved forever in his prime with a new “1966” doll available to buy soon.

The limited edition figures are meticulously crafted, and capture the legendary singer exactly as he looked and dressed in 1966.

The doll has been made in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the release of Beach Boys classic “Pet Sounds.”

The creator of the hand-made dolls, Mark London, says of the dolls “who wouldn't want a little 1966 Brian Wilson watching over their record collection or their recording studio?!”

Anybody thinking about getting a mini-Brian Wilson will have to be quick, there will only be a very limited number made. Retailing on tour and through the Store at a snip of $150, the 300 dolls will be numbered and signed by Wilson himself.

In other Wilson news, the genius who brought us “Surfin USA” is being inducted into the UK Hall of Fame in a ceremony at London’s Alexandra Palace next Tuesday.

Brian Wilson and his band will be performing live. Other inductees this year are Dusty Springfield and Led Zeppelin.

To find out more about the 300 mini-Brian’s – Click here


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