Roger Taylor confirms Brian May is finishing 'great' Michael Jackson/Freddie Mercury duets

Roger Taylor confirms Brian May is finishing 'great' Michael Jackson/Freddie Mercury duets

Queen drummer Roger Taylor has confirmed Brian May is finishing work on a number of tracks Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson duetted on.

Earlier this year it was reported that around three tracks Mercury and Jackson recorded in 1983 will be made available to fans. Speaking in July, Brian May said there will be, "something for folks to hear" in two months time.

However, though the songs have not yet emerged, Taylor has said in a new interview that the songs are being worked on at the moment, primarily by Brian May. "Brian especially has been active working on old tracks. A couple of tracks that Freddie did with Michael Jackson," he said. Adding: "They've been hanging around for years and years and Michael's estate haven't really been able to make their mind up about what to do with them. So we suggested we finish them and see. They're pretty good - one of them is great."

Mercury and Jackson worked together 30 years ago in California but failed to release anything substantial as they could not secure time to record further tracks.

Roger Taylor recently let slip the band want actor Ben Whishaw to take on the role vacated by Sacha Baron Cohen in the forthcoming Freddie Mercury biopic. Sacha Baron Cohen had been set to star as Mercury since the film was announced in September 2010 but this summer he pulled out of the project, reportedly because he and Queen, who have script and director approval, were unable to agree on the type of movie they wanted to make.

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