Marley Estate Strike New Merchandising Deal

Marley Estate Strike New Merchandising Deal

Bob Marley’s family have teamed up with private equity firm Hilco to massively expand the dead reggae star’s merchandise range.

“We’re open to licensing just about anything,” said Bob’s eldest daughter Cedella, who has published her own children’s book entitled ‘Three Little Birds’, adding “if it’s not right we will not do it”.

Products being developed for the expanded brand include Marley themed beer, coffee, snowboards, shoes and musical instruments.

While there is already a Bob Marley Resort and Spa currently in the Bahamas, Ms Marley hopes to open a global chain of ‘One Love’ cafes where fans can “come, eat good Jamaican food, talk about the music, listen to the music and live bands.”

“This is something that we’ve always wanted to explore,” said Ms Marley. “We’re talking all over the world – one in London, one in Asia, one in Amsterdam.”

Marley’s family say they do not wish to over commercialise the late singer’s image and music but want to act against the huge market of bootleg Marley merchandise, currently worth an estimated £415m.

“This is big business for bootleggers,” said Ms Marley. “We want to stop some of the nonsense and make sure the great stuff upholds our standards.”

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