Bob Dylan: "50-plus years of rich awesome analog material" goes digital

Bob Dylan: "50-plus years of rich awesome analog material" goes digital

Bob Dylan's archive has recently been digitised, according to reports.

A story on C-Ville, a news and arts site in Charlottesville, Virginia, says software company Bluewall Media has recently helped Dylan and his staff archive and digitalize more than 60 years worth of music, photographs, written documents, video, and film footage using the company's Starchive software program.

Company founder Peter Agelasto said there were more than 100,000 pieces of audio, print, video, and still images. “It’s a mind-blowingly unending river of material,” said Agelasto. “They could probably have a million things because Dylan was at the epicenter of American culture.”

According to the C-Ville story, Bluewall's executive vice president Jim Fishel - a former senior employee at CBS Records - introduced the company to Dylan's management team in 2002; soon after Agelasto proposed the idea of a comprehensive digital archive.

“They said, ‘That’d be great, but you’ll be working on it for the rest of your life because we have so much material and it’ll never possibly get organized,’” recalls Agelasto. “Dylan’s got 50-plus years of rich awesome analog material. But there wasn’t this super simple way to actually build an archive.”

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