Dylan's Newport Concert Footage Airs This Weekend

Dylan's Newport Concert Footage Airs This Weekend

As previously reported, the first ever DVD of [b]Bob Dylan[/b]'s performances at the [b]Newport Folk Festival[/b] is to be released at the end of the month.

Featuring 80 minutes of previously unseen footage, the stunning black and white film 'The Other Side Of The Mirror' directed by [b]Murray Lerner[/b] chronicles Dylan's transformation in successive years from '63 to '65.

As UNCUT Editor [b]Allan Jones[/b] says in his report from this week's premiere at the BFI Southbank: "The film documents Dylan’s three consecutive appearances at the Newport Folk Festival, climaxing with the 1965 electric set that so stunned festival traditionalists, who were appalled by what they saw as Dylan’s betrayal of everything they held most dear and cherished and responded to Bob plugging in with howls of bitter outrage and a lot of loud booing."

To read his full review, check out his blog HERE.

'The Other Side Of The Mirror' airs as part of an Arena special this coming Sunday (October 14) on BBC4, starting at 9pm.

The DVD is released on October 29.


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