The Klaxons are late to Spain, so Denmark fills in, and well

WhoMadeWho make an unexpected debut on the main stage of Benicassim, replacing The Klaxons, caused by a 3 hour Gatwick flight delay. Armageddon weather that is apparently (!) afflicting the UK.


Wilco, they are amazing, again, Beni 'hearts' them

Just got back from seeing the best band I've seen in a while.
Hey it's Wilco - I know we gushed about their set at Latitude last weekend but, wow, watching 20,000 people go mental just now was icing on the Uncut cake.


Rufus gets his kit off, and J Mascis is sort of ready for his set

Rufus Wainwright has just played up to all Benicassim festival expectations of a good ol’ show tune packed set. Within the space of four songs he went from Joseph in his technicolour dreamcoat to something out of The Producers – in between teasing the packed Esceniaro Fiberfib tent wearing his now de rigeur festival white bath robe.


Benicassim Day Two Heating Up

The International Festival de Benicassim is now onto it’s second day of the long weekend’s rock and dance festival, and it's slightly weird getting home at 6am when the site is still is full swing.


Allan Jones

Babyshambles Guitar Genius Resurfaces At Rock Against Racism 30th Anniversary Show

Where was everyone?

In 1978, closing in on 100,000 people marched six miles from Trafalgar Square to Victoria Park in East London to see The Clash headline a benefit concert for Rock Against Racism.


Bright Eyes, Iggy Invasion and getting to grips with Benicassim

A surreal cab journey from Valencia airport. Fifi Trixibelle, sister of Peaches Geldof, is in the back of our cab on the way to the Benicassim Festival site, and we arrive to the sight of Iggy & The Stooges creating a massive stage invasion which desperate security tried to hold back...


Michael Bonner

First look -- QUENTIN TARANTINO's Death Proof

I've blogged previously about Grindhouse's abysmal showing at the American box office, and last night I finally got to see the version of Tarantino's extended Death Proof segment that's getting a UK release in September.



The thirteenth International Festival De Benicassim is starting in Valencia, Spain today (July 19) and will be bringing you all the action live.


John Mulvey

Iron & Wine's "The Shepherd's Dog"

Is it weird to like a record even though it reminds you, however faintly, of something you never liked very much? I only ask because I've been playing this new Iron & Wine record quite a lot this past couple of weeks.


John Mulvey

Your best of Latitude, plus James Blackshaw

I know we have to stop banging on about the Latitude festival at some point this year, but I've just been going through some of your comments on the Uncut Latitude blog. I've never seen such a positive response on the Uncut blogs before, exemplified by Dave's pithy, "Superb. Great Atmosphere. Great Organisation." I've just done a bit of unscientific number-crunching, and can now exclusively reveal your favourite bands of the weekend.



Editor's Letter

The 31st Uncut Playlist Of 2014

Some logical excitement here this week about the impending Leonard Cohen and Aphex Twin albums; in the event you've missed it these past couple of days, you can hear Cohen's superb "Almost Like The Blues" further down this blog.

Worth noting, though, some strong...